Exercise and fitness shouldn’t be a luxury for only those who have a fully functioning body, but it should be inclusive and for people of all abilities. Optimal health is achievable for us all if only we all put the excuses behind us and get started right where we’re at, that’s all it takes. Make the decision today to put your health and wellness first and create healthy habits that will span a lifetime.




At Optimal Health Medical Fitness, we’re here as a resource in personal training for all abilities to help you see results and live your best life. In our facility, we house some of the best wellness experts in the business to guide you in medically supervised weight loss, nutrition, and personal training. Find adaptive exercises and wellness tips to help you in your journey.

Adaptive Fitness Training

Whether you’ve been living with a disability your whole life or recently experienced an injury that left you unable to navigate life as you once did, fitness is not something you have to give up. With proper adaptations, you can go about exercise and a start a program that will benefit your overall health, wellness, and quality of life.


Cardiovascular fitness is reserved for running or biking in particular, it’s any movement that gets your heart rate up, and sometimes you just have to get a little more creative with cardio exercises.

If you’re in a wheelchair, you can do adaptive cardio training straight from it. If you love dancing, try a Zumba-type class, as you can adapt the movements of the legs into your upper body. As long as you keep a steady pace and keep moving, you’re sure to get a great cardio workout.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, an arm bike is a great option. With an arm bike you pedal with your arms and it’s a cardio option that you can do sitting down. Swimming is also another great way to get your heart rate up, so don’t shy away from it. If it’s something you’ve never done, take private lessons for additional assistance and adaptive guidance.

Boxing is also wonderful for cardio, and although you may need to use a chest strap to keep you in and from losing balance, it revs your heart and is great for stress relief!

Weight Training

Upper body weight training is extremely effective and adaptable for those in wheelchairs. You can work with a personal trainer and work on the machines or use free weights and the bench to increase your overall upper body strength. If you really love this method of training there are many disabled athletes who climb ropes and perform pull-ups in their chairs, so that is definitely a goal to work towards!

Restorative Movement

Yoga and pilates are two great exercise methods that are both restorative to your body while improving both your flexibility and mobility.

The key to success in fitness is to stay consistent and do something you enjoy. Explore all your options including zumba, biking, swimming, weight training, and yoga or pilates. We’d love to hear what you do for adaptive training in your pursuit of health and wellness. At Optimal Health Medical Fitness, out personal trainers are here to work with you and assist you in adaptive training. For more information, connect with us today!