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The Optimal Approach

Optimal Health Medical Fitness specializes in, but not limited to, supervised weight loss. No two people are made alike. We are all unique and we all have limitations. If you have a medical condition, specific injury, or have just tried to lose weight in the past and couldn’t – please contact us. There are many reasons why one person’s weight loss program will not work for another. Your goals are our goals! And, if you have challenges, we understand. In fact, we accommodate those challenges to ensure your success and health.

Optimal Health Medical Fitness expert team is comprised of a medical doctor, physical therapists, and personal trainers with a college degree in a fitness related field. No other weight loss program can encompass the knowledge and certifications that we have. Optimal Health Medical Fitness is truly the most complete weight loss program in the area. Optimal Health Medical Fitness thinks of our clients as more than a number. We will guarantee your success or your money back!

Services Provided:

  • Weight Loss, Muscle Toning and Core Training
  • Pre-Post Rehabilitation Exercise Training
  • Flexibility, Stabilization and Balance Training
  • Foundational Strength Training and Muscle Development
  • TRX Suspension, Kettlebell, Bosu and Plyometric Training
  • Sport Specific Exercise Training
  • Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Pre-Post Natal Exercise Training
  • Traditional Olympic Weightlifting
  • Kickboxing Exercise and Conditioning
  • Corrective Based Postural Exercise Training
  • Youth Based Exercise Training and Education
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Training and Conditioning
  • Functional Multi-Joint Exercise Training
  • Agility, Speed and Vertical Training
  • Senior Based Exercise Training and Rehabilitation
  • Circuit Style & HIIT