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We Are Optimal Health

Physician Works, God Heals

Our Gym’s Mission Statement: To support physical, mental and spiritual betterment using the most natural, safest and most effective methods available. To employ drug or non-surgical therapies when judgment requires, with regard for individual circumstances and desires. To always respect each person’s integrity and right to self-determinism. Everything we do reflects our faith-based morals and values. We aim to reverse the negative influences that cause disease and degeneration. As a team, we work together to change lives for the good.

Optimal Health Medical Fitness is located in Naperville, IL, and strives to help each individual meet their personal fitness and health goals. As more than a gym, our sports medicine physician in house offers unique regenerative therapy options for pain management.

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Our Mission

Why Choose Us?

Our physician, personal trainers, and staff are motivated to teach you lifelong skills in exercise and proper nutrition to help you meet your personal fitness and weight loss goals. With positive motivation and trusted accountability we will help you reach your full potential.