Physician Works, God Heals


A Smarter Approach to Health & Wellness

Mission Statement

Educate and Impact the World

Core Values

Our core values are to serve the community in the most effective and ethical ways to reverse disease and degeneration. Our ability to help others is how we measure the success of our team and business.


  • Innovative – We are unique and have created a team atmosphere that has common goals to change medical care for the better.
  • Wholesome– We lead by example to reestablish healthy lifestyles within our patients.
  • Outcome– We are results oriented, while only practice ethical and evidence based actions to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.

Optimal Health Medical Fitness is located in Naperville, IL, and strives to help each individual meet their personal fitness and health goals. As more than a gym, our sports medicine physician in house offers unique regenerative therapy options for pain management. On top of that, Optimal also offers:

  • Functional Medicine
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutrition