1. Exceed Your Goals

    I've been working w/ Optimal Fitness for almost a year now. When I started I weighted 185lbs. Currently I weight 160lbs. That in it's self is a huge hurdle for me. I have not had any setbacks, I receive excellent coaching in regards to my nutrition and diet. That has made all the difference in my weight loss. Also, if I come across some workouts that I want to start trying, my personal trainer's w…Read More

    Brooks J.
  2. guidance and advice

    It’s been great working with Chris. He will keep you motivated and will always push to you to improve. He is always willing to give guidance and advice, on diet or workouts. I have no doubt when I leave that I had a great workout.…Read More

    Brian B.
  3. Optimal will help you reach your goals

    I love this place! I’ve been training with Brad and Chris for almost 6 months and I’m extremely pleased with the results thus far. They are extremely friendly and help keep you accountable to reach your goals. I love the one on one time or occasional small group. The time I train with them is short but very effective. I leave feeling like I got my butt kicked and am sore the next day. I’ve s…Read More

    Rachael A.