We’re just a few short weeks away from ringing in the new year, and if you’re like many people, getting in shape might be at the top of your resolutions. One of the things that can make that resolution seem insurmountable is the daunting prospect of doing it on your own. It can be difficult to determine which exercises are best for your goals and to keep yourself motivated past that initial first month. With a personal trainer at your side, you can get the extra push you need to keep going, along with many other benefits we’ll be taking a look at today. Want to get a jump on your resolution? Call Optimal Health Medical Fitness in Naperville today to learn about our personal training services.

-Faster Results

Something that can make pursuing fitness difficult is the feeling that you’re not making progress, no matter how hard you’re working. Whether this is due to doing the wrong exercises or poor nutrition, this can make the finish line feel like it’s miles away. When you work with a personal trainer, they’ll discuss what your goals are, what your fitness history is (including any nagging past injuries), and what is driving your pursuit of fitness. With this information and the one-on-one connection they build with you, they’ll be able to help you achieve faster results than if you were going it alone.

-Focused Training

One glance online at hundreds of recommended exercises and nutrition recommendations is enough to make your head spin. This makes working out on your own confusing and frustrating — what exactly are you supposed to do and what is a waste of time? A personal trainer will take your goals into consideration to develop a workout regimen suited to your needs and what you achieve. This means you will be spending less time doing an exercise that doesn’t help — and could actually hurt you — and will instead keep your training focused on what will get results.

-Smaller Injury Risk

It’s often been said that doing an exercise with improper form is worse than not doing it at all. Your form is key when it comes to being successful with exercise, because it ensures your muscles are getting the attention they need while helping you avoid injury. If you try to do an exercise you found a diagram of online or in a book, you’re just guessing at what the correct form looks like, putting you at risk of getting hurt, which is a quick way to end your fitness pursuits. When you work with a personal trainer, they’ll be able to teach you the proper form for each exercise, while providing important feedback on what you can improve upon and why it’s keeping you safer.

-Teaching the Habit

Bad habits are always easier to develop than good ones, especially when you’re starting to do something new. Working out alone doesn’t give you the feedback or accountability you need to develop healthy habits. A personal trainer will help you learn good habits, kick bad ones, and help foster a lifelong love of fitness going forward. Sometimes you just need someone who won’t take excuses to keep you moving toward your goals.

-No Plateau

We’ve seen it many times with people who work out on their own. While they’re consistently exercising, they end up hitting a wall where their progress stalls out. Whether it’s because they don’t push to do more weight after hitting a goal or they just get stuck in a routine, it can be tough for them to get over the hump. With personal training, they’ll help you push past the plateau and keep you on track to pursue new goals after past ones have been achieved. If you’ve struggled with the plateau, a personal trainer could be the perfect solution for you.

While many people will be starting to pursue fitness following their big holiday meals, exercise needs to be a year-round quest to be successful. At Optimal Health Medical Fitness, we’re passionate about keeping everyone engaged as they strive to hit their fitness goals, no matter what they might be. If you would like to learn more about how our personal trainers can help you build muscle, lose weight, or just get up the stairs a little easier, call us today.