With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about your diet and how you’ll maintain it as candy and other sweet treats are everywhere in sight. There’s almost nothing scarier than having your diet derailed by a single day, so in today’s post, we’re going to provide you with four easy ways you can maintain a healthy diet as Halloween approaches.

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Staying on Track During Halloween

Buy Candy You Aren’t Crazy About Photo of candy corn in a pile.

If you have a difficult time resisting candy when it’s in the house (and let’s be honest — who doesn’t?), consider buying something that won’t be tempting. For instance, insatiable chocoholics might find it safer to buy a bag of fruit-flavored candy.

What about people who indiscriminately love candy? If you’re in this camp, we recommend waiting until the very last minute to buy your candy so it isn’t left sitting around for days on end. We also recommend making sure that you give the last of it away when it gets late and trick-or-treaters head home for the evening.

Don’t Skip Meals

In theory, skipping meals before a Halloween party makes sense. You’re saving your caloric intake for later, and you’ll be able to have a guilt-free evening, right?

It’s not so simple. Studies show that it’s much more difficult to resist temptations when we’re hungry, and this is a recipe for disaster when chips, fried appetizers, and Halloween sweets are everywhere in sight. If you’re attending a Halloween party this year, be sure to eat a healthy meal beforehand. Ideally, choose something that includes high-fiber vegetables and protein so that you’ll be satiated throughout the entire event.


Halloween parties are a blast, but sugary punches, beer, and other mixed drinks all pack a huge caloric punch and will set your diet back significantly. Instead of waiting to see what’s on the drink menu when you get to a party, bring your own beverages and opt for something on the healthier side. Low-carb beers and hard seltzers are a great option if you want to have a couple of drinks at the party, but volunteering to be the designated driver or drinking soda water can also help you feel more comfortable passing on drinks altogether.

Limit Yourself

Whether it’s candy, mixed drinks, chips, or another tempting treat, you don’t necessarily have to turn it away 100% of the time. Halloween is a special occasion, and moderation is key in any health and fitness regimen. If you’re going to treat yourself to a piece of candy, limit yourself to just one! It’s not always easy, but learning to enjoy your favorite treats in small quantities will set you up for long-term weight loss success. Our health and fitness experts would be happy to help you learn how to incorporate moderation into your life — just get in touch with us to set up a consultation!

We hope that today’s entry will help you stay on track this Halloween. The Optimal Health Medical Fitness blog is filled with helpful resources, so we invite you to look through our other entries if you found today’s post interesting!

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