Exercise is not just good for slimming the waist line and improving your cardiovascular health and endurance. It is the single most powerful body altering, hormone maximizing, metabolism stimulating factor in achieving optimal health and longevity. The multitude of benefits, sustainable long-term, include primary prevention of common chronic diseases including, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity.
Regular exercise helps maintain healthy joint cartilage, keeps the supporting joint structures including muscles, ligaments, and tendons strong, and can decrease joint pain when performed consistently. Weight bearing activity is essential for bone health and prevention of osteopenia or osteoporosis, minimizing risk of bone fracture.

An added benefit include improved mood. Runners experience this feeling as the “runners high” as the body produces its own “feel good chemicals”. The effect of exercise is equal to or better than that of commonly prescribed antidepressant medications. No other supplement or prescription medication has the ability to have such as dramatic impact to transform your life like exercise.

If you are interested in starting an exercise program but don’t know where to begin, contact us at Optimal Health Medical Fitness. Our staff will perform a complete consultation and then design a safe and effective program specific to your medical conditions and goals. We have our own in-house Medical Fitness program where your care and training can be coordinated in a medically supervised environment by Dr. Collins, Dr. Tariq and their staff.