Hey friends Bradley here. I’m blogging on something today that I feel is important to consider when entering into a health and fitness program. I go through a handful of consultations every month, sometimes 2-3 a week. Anyways, it seems as if towards the end of the consultation we go over a couple important things.

First and foremost we go over our track record of success and results in which I feel is one of the most important variables when picking through potential programs, but that’s a whole other story. Second is how much the program costs because after we go over our credibility, track record of success, methodology, education and skills clients always ask how much the program will cost or what the price of the program is?

I can’t stand this… Most people in this industry would say why because that means that the client is interested and ready to buy? The reason why I can’t stand this is because I do not consider my program at a cost or a price to anyone. I consider it as an investment in yourself and a good one at that. Sure we can all go out and buy a cool car which will depreciate over time as well as much of anything else that we buy nowadays. The body is something that should always be invested in and why not invest in something that is proven to work and effects your confidence, stamina, mood, mental clarity, overall health, strength, personality, perseverance and overall quality of life?

I’ll end on this. Why most people end up in my office is because they have not been investing in their body in the first place. Now is the time to invest people. I always tell clients not to look at my program like a purchase that will just depreciate and go away over time, but to look at my program more like a college course that also provides optimal results!

Join my program, learn effectively, reap highly effective results and know how to maintain these results for the rest of your life.

To Your Health,

Bradley B. Becker B.A. CPT-NASM (USARMY)

Medical Exercise Program Director

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