Let’s be honest — working out is not necessarily fun and it can be hard to do alone. This is especially true for anyone who knows little about fitness and the anatomy of the human body. Thankfully, at Optimal Health Medical Fitness, we have certified training professionals who care about your personal fitness and health.

What Is A Personal Trainer?

Beginning with the basics, a personal trainer is someone whose character depends on their client, but the goal is consistently the same: managing an individual’s fitness program. Depending upon your personality, a personal trainer can take on the character of a coach, a mentor, a friend, or a hard-core drill instructor. Personal trainers can be nice or they can be pushy — depending on what drives you to work harder toward your fitness goals.

Personal trainers are required to become certified before ever stepping into an athletic trainer’s shoes. This entails extensive study of: the human anatomy, concepts of function exercises, and nutrition. You can rest assured that any personal training services you receive while at Optimal Health Medical Fitness is provided by the highest qualified professionals in Naperville.

What Services Do They Offer?

Next, personal trainers offer an array of services. This relies largely on what fitness goals you would like to achieve. Whether you are looking to run a marathon or have yet to set foot in a gym, our personal trainers will partner with you to provide the necessary coaching to get you where you want to go.

Here is a thorough list of what services you can expect to receive from a personal:

  • Screen and assess clients: your coach will take the time to evaluate where you currently are on a fitness level.
  • Design and implement exercise programs: your personal trainer will come up with a workout program best suited to your abilities. They do the dirty work of organizing the details of your workouts; when you workout, what you will do, how many times you will do it.
  • Create a nutrition plan: this is arguably the most important piece to losing weight. Your trainer will educate you on nutrition as well as complete a nutrition plan to follow.  
  • Demonstrate workouts: it is not enough to just workout — proper form is crucial. Proper form will eliminate the potential for future injury. Your personal trainer will demonstrate proper form and will continually coach you to do the same.
  • Motivate: your fitness trainer will also hold you accountable and motivate you toward your goals.

Wrap Up

Put simply, a personal trainer devises customized fitness plans, nutrition plans, and supports their clients by modeling exercises and coaching clients to do the same. Personal trainers are there to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals!


All in all, choosing to hire a personal trainer at Optimal Health Medical Fitness will give you the foundation you need to get started on your fitness journey to losing weight. Not only that, but trainers can provide fundamental, on-going support to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. Visit us at Optimal Health Medical Fitness in Naperville today to schedule your first personal training session.